Guest house SaKURa is

Kinshichou station, 12 minutes on foot,

There are a lot of travel members,

and when there is much baggage,

it’s a taxi, 5 minutes.

Although it is a little away from the downtown area

in front of the Kinshichou station,

built in a residential area,

You can feel the town likeness of Tokyo.


You can see the skytree and the streets of Tokyo,
The view from the rooftop is highly recommend!
On the first floor is Cafe for lunch time.

The nearest office worker comes to eat lunch.

In the night at BAR,

It is a fashionable store with retro interiors,

Local people come to drink.

When the owner was young,

A traveler like cycling around Japan by bicycle.

Next time,

From the traveling side, to the side to “omotenashi”.

And to make everyone enjoy Japan a lot more,

With such thought, it is a warm guest house made.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Thank you.

GuestHouse SaKURa

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